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Testimonials and reviews by the patients of Cape Urology in Cape Town, South Africa.


"Best urologists in Cape Town. Saved my life – twice!"

Theuns, Cape Town.

"Dr Webb is the most caring, wonderful urologist. He was able to solve a problem I had suffered with for years and years. I will always be eternally grateful to him."


"I’ve been Dr Prenevin Govender’s patient since 2018. He is both caring and extremely professional, and of course an accomplished surgeon. My problems have always been linked to urinary frequency, so he installed a Medtronic InterStim device which has a gone a long way to improving the problem. I feel privileged to have him as my doctor."

Peter Steyn, Cape Town.

"Dr Moolman is excellent at what he does and is such a friendly and warm person. He is truly a master in his profession, and you know you are in good hands which is very reassuring when dealing with complicated procedures. I would recommend him without hesitation."

Ryan Linnegar, Cape Town.

"I have been a patient of Dr Jehle for the past 5 years. I find him most professional and an extremely proficient doctor. He not only is a specialist in his field of Urology, but a person who has a wonderful disposition and sense of humor. What I know of him as a patient is that he consults and always gives you solid advice. I hope to be his patient and friend for many more years."

Hilton Yutar, Cape Town.

"In July 2019 at age 70, I was diagnosed with very high-risk prostate cancer. Two years later, thanks to Dr Dewar’s advice and skilled surgery, I am living an active life, still hiking and cycling. What impressed me most was a long email that he sent me detailing my condition, all the options open to me and his advice. Thank you Malcolm."

Barry, Cape Town.

"After a period of urinary complications that just would not go away, my GP fortunately referred me to Dr Webb. After a thorough examination, scans and a cystoscopy, Dr Webb delivered the bad news - I had bladder cancer!! Crushing as this was to hear, the calmness and confidence with which he outlined what lay ahead of me, and his strongly advocated treatment plan, made my decision making rather easy, notwithstanding the potential gravity of it all. I had the fullest confidence in Dr Webb and his team of professional assistants as I underwent a successful cystoprostatectomy (removal of my bladder and prostate) and thankfully today my life is pretty much back to normal - for which I am ever so grateful to him. I have had no hesitation whatsoever in referring many people to Dr Webb and will readily continue to do so. He is the consummate professional in his field and I cannot speak more highly of his character, especially when it comes to counselling one through daunting health challenges."

Kurt Friskin 

"Both of our kids have had severe kidney reflux since birth. Dr Jehle has been there for us throughout the entire journey – sharing the good and the bad times, through the multiple tests, ops and procedures, twists and turns. When my firstborn was five months and hospitalised for a severe kidney/UTI infection, I remember Karlheinz sitting in the dimly lit hospital room – his reply to my question 'at least we can live with one kidney' was … 'God gave us two, so let's try hang on to both!'. A compassionate, kind and brilliant doctor and surgeon."

Sasha McPherson, Cape Town.

"My GP referred me to Dr Malcolm Dewar in November 2019 due to a suspected Prostate Cancer. My fears were dealt with professionally and every step of the investigation process was explained in detail. When it came to making the decision to have a Robot Assisted Laparoscopic Prostatectomy using the Da Vinci X, it was a very easy decision to make. I was very impressed by the surgical and rehab teams. Aftercare went exactly as predicted and pain management was very good. It is now 19 months after Dr Dewar and the Da Vinci X went to work on me, and I have nothing but praise for this team and for Kingsbury Hospital."

Ian, Cape Town.

"Exactly 4 years ago today I underwent  a Robotic Assisted Radical Prostatectomy (RALP) operation performed by Dr Conray Moolman. I had been diagnosed with prostate cancer a few months before this. Dr Moolman explained the various options available to me, including bracytherapy as well as having a RALP op. I am delighted to say that I opted for the RALP op, in which my prostate was removed but the surrounding nerves were spared.  I believe  I have made a full recovery on all fronts including sexual recovery and urinary continence, albeit age-related. I am 66. Dr Moolman saved my life and my dignity. I have no hesitation in recommending his outstanding medical skills and thoroughly professional approach, before, during and after the procedure."

Paddy O'Brien, Ireland

"I’ve been a patient of Dr Jehle’s for a number of years and he and his team have helped me through a complicated illness with so much skill, patience and kindness. I will always be extremely grateful to them for their wonderful care and highly recommend their practice."

Bridget, Cape Town

"In November 2018 Dr Jehle confirmed the worst and diagnosed me with Prostate Cancer at the incredibly young age of 41. Whenever anybody hears the word Cancer it seems to trigger the worst connotations. However with Dr Jehle’s extremely warm, friendly and patient bedside manner he guided my wife and I through this tempestuous journey in a manner that left us feeling completely at ease and confident that we were not only in great hands but ultimately that we had the best level of care and support that we could ever hope for. Thank you for everything that you have done for me and my family on our scary journey Dr Jehle, we really appreciate it!"

Darren Robertson, Cape Town.

"I had my prostate removed by Dr Moolman. The operation was a great success. My recovery went well and I am  still having follow up visits with Dr Moolman."

André Haupt, Cape Town

"Best urologist. Takes time with the patient. Makes you understand your condition before taking any steps further. Will recommend Dr Jehle to anyone who needs an urologist."

Presca, Cape Town.

"Dr Webb is a brilliant urologist. He saved my life!"


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